Garden Figments

Screening Tips

One of the main problems which people have to solve is privacy in the garden. This means that screening is an important part of any garden design. There are a number of options available and below are some ideas to inspire you:

Wooden Fencing

The quickest method for screening a garden is to erect a fence. This is an efficient way to screen any garden. There are many options available including fence panels and featheredge boards. Fence panels come in various shapes and sizes and can also be very decorative. You can paint or stain a fence which also adds a splash of colour to the garden. Planting can be added in front of the fence to soften the look.  

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing is a good option for the front garden. It can be a classic design or a very decorative design. It can be painted to co-ordinate with your garden or house.


Trellis is a less opaque option for screening. Trellis can be wooden or metal. It can also be used for climbing plants which softens the look.

Formal Hedge

A formal hedge can be planted but be aware of how much time it will take to grow the hedge to a suitable height. A hedge is an attractive option and is also a habitat for wildlife. A formal hedge will need precise cutting and can be high maintenance.

Informal Hedge

An informal hedge will also take time to grow to a suitable height and again it’s a habitat for wildlife. The advantage of an informal hedge over a formal hedge is that it’s not as high maintenance.


A wall is a good option for screening. It will require an investment to build but it’s long lasting and low maintenance. It can be built from various materials such as stone, brick or block. Walls are solid and will cut out light so this needs to be considered before choosing this option. Walls can be softened by adding trellis and climbing plants.