Garden Figments

Lawn Tips

A key feature of most gardens is the lawn. A lawn has many functions. It can be used to create an open space which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye or it can be a play area, a sitting area, a place to relax, a place to exercise and more….

To keep your lawn looking its best here are some tips for maintaining your lawn throughout the seasons:

Lawn Maintenance


  • Clear lawn of leaves, stones and twigs before mowing
  • If lawn has been lifted by frost then roll to flatten before mowing
  • Start mowing the lawn – set the blades high to begin with
  • In late spring aerate your lawn by pushing a garden fork 15cm into ground and wiggle it to open up holes
  • Sweep away any worm casts which are visible on the lawn
  • Kill moss by sprinkling lawn sand over infected areas
  • In late spring scarify your lawn by dragging a rake through the lawn
  • Apply a spring feed from late April
  • Re-cut lawn edges with a half moon edger and plank of wood
  • Over seed the lawn to fill any gaps that have appeared

  • During dry spells water thoroughly
  • Mow at least once a week
  • Pull out any weeds by hand or use a spot weeder
  • Keep edges neat and tidy
  • If the lawn is well used then aerate and scarify
  • Use a fertiliser on patchy areas of grass

  • Remove fallen leaves
  • Keep mowing if grass is still growing
  • Improve drainage by aerating (see spring)
  • Scarify your lawn by dragging a rake through the lawn
  • Re-seed worn patches or re-turf larger areas
  • Apply an autumn fertiliser
  • Treat any diseases which may develop
  • Top dress uneven parts of your lawn and level out with back of rake
  • Sweep away any worm casts which are visible on the lawn

  • Avoid walking on lawn during times of snow or frost
  • Remove fallen leaves
  • Check for snow mould and treat if necessary
  • Remove thatch
  • Service lawn mower before storing for the winter
  • Clean garden equipment such as rakes and spades and store in a dry area to prevent rust